A Measure of (The Scotch Malt) Whisky (Society)

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Just over four years ago, the Scotch Malt Whisky Society of Canada was launched in Calgary, Alberta by the husband-and-wife team of Kelly and Rob Carpenter. Among their many achievements since then is the fact that a year later they somehow navigated a pile of legal red tape the size of the Rocky Mountains to launch a liquor business in BC, at which point I became a member.


After a while my growing pile of scribbled-in tasting booklets wasn’t giving me the hard data I was looking for, so I decided to take on the already formidable task of tracking the Canadian SMWS releases. With an average of seven bottles released every month and five years of operation in the backlog, there was a daunting amount of information to ferret out and convert into a useful format.


But ferreted out it has been, and now resides in a convenient Google Spreadsheet which you can access here. Grab a glass of a spicy & dry cask-strength whisky and let’s see what we can find in there.


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